Kabam partners with Game Reign Network to bring GCLD to Western audiences


Kabam has announced a partnership with Shanghai-based studio Game Reign Network to bring popular Chinese strategy game Gong Chen Lue Di (GCLD) to worldwide audiences on both web and mobile. The game sees players building their army and collecting resources before entering into battle with others as they build their “ultimate kingdom.”

Kabam will translate GCLD into English, optimize the game’s “look and feel” to appeal to Western audiences, and will run the operations of the resulting new version of the game.

“GCLD is an amazing game that augments Kabam’s strategy of finding and publishing top tier titles,” said Amit Ranade, president of Kabam Distribution. “Game Reign Network has a fantastic history of creating wholly original game experiences, and we enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to partner with them to expand GCLD’s rich gameplay to North America.”

This partnership with Game Reign Network is part of Kabam’s $50 million WorldWide Development Fund, which helps bring Asian games to Western markets by helping with not only localization and translation, but also analytics tracking, marketing, user acquisition, retention and more.

Through the fund, Kabam has partnered with 23 developers, resulting in 30 games across six genres. Kabam will have invested the entirety of its development funds by mid-2014, and expects to generate $175 million to $200 million in revenues from these published third-party titles this year.