Media Asleep at Headline Wheel for Godfather Facebook Game

C’mon, headlining guys and gals? Is this the best you can do?

Presented today with the golden opportunity of a press release about Bay Area gaming firm Kabam partnering with Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) for a Godfather-themed Facebook game, entertainment news breakers have so far come up with the following:

Kabam Taking The Godfather to Facebook with New Social Game” [Forbes; yawn]

The Godfather is Coming to Facebook” [; double yawn]

Kabam to Bring The Godfather to Facebook” [; triple yawn]

Where are the headlines along the lines of “Kabam Makes PDE an Offer They Can’t Refuse,” or “Kabam Hopes to Get Facebook Fans to Foggetabout Farmville,” or perhaps even “Kabam, PDE Grab Social Media Gaming Horse by the Head”?

Here’s your chance to be a headline writer. If you were given the opportunity today to cap an article about this canoli-rific topic, what phrase would you choose?