Kabam Launches Fast & Furious 6: The Game on Facebook

ff6 650

Social and mobile game company Kabam has announced the launch of Fast & Furious 6: The Game on Facebook. Originally released on mobile devices, the game was created via a licensing agreement with Universal, and sees players making a name for themselves in the virtual world of street-racing.

The game focuses heavily on timing, as gamers complete drag and drift races against opponents using simple, but reflex-heavy controls. Players can click to launch their car, or press the space bar. From there, users can click to shift when the game offers the “shift now” prompt, and click and hold the mouse button to drift around corners.

Depending on the timing, gamers may launch forward with boosts for proper shifts and drifting maneuvers, or fall behind due to poor timing. At the end of each race, players are shown the race’s stats, including combo points for perfect shifts or drifts, top speeds and more. Players win experience points and virtual currency for completing races, and can spend that money upgrading their car with both mechanical and style upgrades.

Fast and Furious 6_ The Game on Facebook

Gamers can spend their coins and premium currency on new intake systems, gearboxes, flywheels, engines, exhausts and more, which can increase stats like a car’s horsepower, launch and drift stats. Meanwhile, visual upgrades include decals, vinyls, glow systems and new paint jobs. These kinds of upgrades increase the potential coin payouts players receive when winning future races.

“Fast & Furious 6: The Game on mobile has been a breakthrough game for Kabam,” said Mike DeLaet, SVP of worldwide business development at Kabam. “The game’s AAA quality, exciting racing action and real-life cars have been a hit with mobile players worldwide. Opening the game’s world on Facebook gives existing players more flexibility and introduces the game to new audiences around the world.”

This Facebook release offers cross-platform functionality, allowing gamers to continue with their saved game data when moving from mobile to Facebook. Both versions of the game are available to play for free.