Kabam launches Arcane Empires for iOS and Android

Kabam today launched Arcane Empires for iOS and Android, bringing a brand new IP to mobile platforms.

The game is a city-building/strategy title set in a fantasy steampunk world run by a sinister prince who uses black magic to keep himself on his empire’s throne. Players control a fiefdom that rebels against the prince and his forces. As the game continues players are required to build up their armies and (hopefully) set the world free.

Like Kabam’s other mobile titles, Arcane Empires is a free-to-play game. While Kabam has had a presence on iOS devices for a while, the game marks the company’s first foray onto the Android platform. Although Kabam produces social games designed for mid-core audiences, president of Kabam Game Studios Andrew Sheppard tells us 70 percent of Kabam’s revenue comes from non-Facebook sources. As a result, the game isn’t available on social networks like Facebook or Google Play at this time.

This comes as no surprise, since Kabam announced in February that it was moving away from its origins on Facebook by expanding onto both mobile devices and other social networks like Kongregate. Sheppard tells us this is still the plan for Kabam, and the company is particularly focused on mobile devices and tablets right now.

Arcane Empires is available now in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.