JWT Vets’ New Venture Has A Name And Clients

Ty Montague and Rosemarie Ryan surprised the ad world in March when they announced they were leaving jobs at JWT to start their own agency. Now, the NYT reports, that agency has a name—Co:—colon included—and clients.

Co: is opening with four clients, two of which are Madison Square Garden, for the New York Knicks, and MTV Networks, for the Spike cable channel.

Howard Jacobs, SVP for marketing and sales at MSG Sports, said he was attracted to Co: because his job is “so clearly not an ‘advertising exercise’ ” but rather requires “a multidisciplinary approach, part strategy, part storytelling, part brand creation, part technology, part design.”

It does sound, however, like if you’re hoping to get a job at Co: you may have to come at it obliquely. From the article:

The pair said they knew the world was not waiting for another agency, but one with a nontraditional approach may be welcomed by marketers looking for different approaches to solving problems and selling products.

Mr. Montague and Ms. Ryan, whose titles at Co: are co-founders, described the agency as a “brand studio,” likening it to a movie studio that provides money and infrastructure to a continually changing lineup of actors, writers, directors and producers.

At Co:, “teams are formed around individual client needs,” Mr. Montague said, “and when the needs are satisfied, the teams are dispersed.”

To form those teams, Co: will draw from a list of “co-conspirators” — 40 agencies, consultancies and firms that specialize in tasks like media services, digital and interactive marketing, public relations, social media, design, brand identity, event marketing, technology, ideation and gaming.