JustiPhoneArt.com: A Very Cool New Mobile Artsy Site

Now, here’s one of those great simple website topic ideas I wish I had thought of…

Just iPhone Art

It focuses on visual (drawn/painted) artwork created on an iPhone. It only has 4 entries/examples so far. But, each one is worth taking a few moments of your time to enjoy, admire and be amazed by the fact several were created with an iPhone touch screen.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a fan of the intersection of apps that let iPhone users create music using virtual instruments. Well, I’ve also been a fan of visual art created on mobile devices for a long time. I recall seeing artwork generated using Windows Mobile based Pocket PCs years ago. And, I’m glad to see artwork created on the iPhone now. Best wishes to the folks of justiphoneart.com. I’m looking forward to enjoying their iPhone art finds going forward.

Via Ilium Software Blog