Justin.tv Launches Video Streaming Service for Facebook Pages

Facebook has been in the spotlight for its live video integrations recently, with millions of people using Facebook to watch events like President Obama’s inauguration and Michael Jackson’s memorial service. The ability to chat with other viewers and post status updates on Facebook is making watching online video more social.

Now, popular streaming video service Justin.tv is the newest developer to take advantage of Facebook’s live stream widget. The service doesn’t require any applications or approvals, and there are no fees as the service is ad-based. Ad-free service is available to users that are interested. Viewers are able to see your video on the Justin.tv Facebook app page, and you can easily add a tab for the live feed to your own Facebook Page.

The Justin.tv service follows the release of similar apps from Ustream and Stickam’s StreamAPI. The service, which is more suited to small businesses and individuals, differentiates itself by the lack of setup fee or process and no streaming fees. However, it could be a great solution for those looking to do quick live video experiments on their Facebook Pages.

Overall, the launch of several new products in the space shows the increasing interest from the media industry in the ways Facebook is able to enhance the online video experience.