Rove McManus Captures Footage of a Very Strange LA Backyard Specimen

Last night at Meltdown Comics‘ NerdMelt Showroom on Sunset Blvd., magician Justin Willman hosted the fifth edition of his monthly Web talk show Sleight of Mouth. It’s got a name-brand producer (The Late Show‘s Robert Morton), musical sidekick Billy “Bushwalla” Galewood, a very loose vibe and guests who are always game.

The highlight of Episode #5 was Down Under jokester Rove McManus, who does reports for The Tonight Show and currently films a version of his smash Australian talk show here in LA. At one point, McManus cued up some video footage taken in the back of his SoCal canyon home by means of a motion-activated camera. There were a couple of deer, a bobcat at night and, on the vacant lot next door, “something I don’t think I can prepare you for in any shape or form.”

“Wait, wait for it…” McManus warned as the footage showed an identified man with his pants pulled down taking a dump onto the dirt. After the deed, Cupcake Wars host Willman wondered – a la Caddyshack – if anyone in the audience might want a Tim Tam, the Australian chocolate bar snack he and his guest had just riffed on.

Although McManus assured that the poops-there-it-is footage was real, we felt the need to double-confirm this morning. And… if you watch the archived stream as we did last night with a teenager, be prepared for some very hearty belly laughs.

The other standout portion of McManus’ appearance was the “commercial break.” The UStream camera kept rolling as the guest and host silently and awkwardly killed time; when the program came back live, both pretended they had just been actively chatting.

Other guests on Episode #5 were comedian Nick Thune and Kevin Smith, who joked that while waiting in the green room, he kept thinking he was about to be interviewed by J.J. Abrams. With the glasses, Willman is definitely a dead ringer for the Star TrekStar Wars maestro. And if all this weren’t enough, Sleight of Mouth co-producer Chris Chelko has a very handy day job: talent coordinator for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

[The McManus segment begins at the 40-minute mark, and the Mutual of OMG Animal Kingdom footage comes in 15 minutes later.]

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