Justin.tv Relaunches, Simplifies

JustintvLogo.jpgLive-video-streaming site Justin.tv relaunched Tuesday with what TechCrunch called “an overall cleaner and simplified look” and new features, most prominently the addition of a Meebo instant-messaging chat bar to each page on the site, as opposed to the previous version of Justin.tv, where chatting was only possible in channel chat rooms.

Justin.tv told TechCrunch 10% of its chat messages are coming through as IMs rather than in the chat areas on channels, meaning some 600,000 IMs out of 6 million messages per day.

Continuing with the ease-of-use theme, users no longer have to log in and set up accounts to enter Justin.tv, instead clicking the red button under, “Live broadcasting in one click,” selecting their camera options and then creating accounts or logging in.

Tuesday’s changes follow last month’s launch of a digital-video-recorder feature on Justin.tv.