Justin Timberlake Boozes It Up On Last Night of Staple’s Center Tour

505px-Jtstpaul.jpg“Any of you who know me, know I … well, I like to drink,” Justin Timberlake said to his adoring fans (and FBLA) last night half-way through his Staple’s Center show. He and his formidable band then gathered in a circle on stage and held up shot glasses of tequila.

Toasting all the “straight-up Mexicans in the house tonight,” Timberlake and his crew threw back the sauce.

Fans, like SNL’s Jimmy Fallon, cheered wildly. And, without missing a beat, JT got on with the show, bringing — as he often does — the sexy back with energy, talent and charm.

It’s nice to see a former Mouseketeer who can hold his liquor.