Justin Smith Talks Platforms, Print and More

"Publishers need to produce a more competitive product."

Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith has shared some interesting thoughts on platforms, how Bloomberg relies on print and more. Below are some highlights from Digiday’s interview.

On publishers leaning too hard on outside platforms:

Publishers need to be extremely careful, but the solution is relatively simple. You need to embrace technology and data and make those a — if not the — central pillar of the business. That requires a talent and cultural shift that is massive. Publishers need to produce a more competitive product.

On how print fits into Bloomberg’s overall strategy:

It depends on the community. We’ll be building multiplatform brand families around Bloomberg Pursuits and Bloomberg Markets, and will likely do the same around others. We’re looking serious at technology. Obviously, that’s one where print might be a less likely choice.

On working with Michael Bloomberg:

He’s very intense and data-driven and demanding, but has a good sense of humor, which can break the ice in that intensity.