Justin Rocket Silverman Has A “Crappy Apartment”


amNew York writer and freelancer-around-town Justin Rocket Silverman has a really crappy East Village apartment. How crappy? Crappy enough that he’s writing about home for the newspaper:

There was nothing crappy about the location, Avenue C and 8th Street, the heart of Alphabet City’s nightlife boomtown. On my block alone, there are five bars – along with the fortress-like 9th Police Precinct.

The price was certainly right: $550 a month for one room in a two-bedroom unit. The price included utilities, phone, cable TV and Internet. And so I jumped at the chance to move in after finishing graduate school in 2004. Many of my neighbors on the block were paying three times as much.

The cheap rent, as it so often does, came with a few catches. Chief among them was that I had to vacate the apartment two nights a week for three hours so that the landlord, who worked as a public school teacher, could hold peer-training sessions in my living room.

So an interior decorator gave him tips.

But, Justin… Dude. You’re paying $550 a month to live in the East Village. Don’t boast about it. Really. Peer-training sessions or not, that’s still a pretty good deal in our book.

(Image via amNew York)