Retired Manhattan Lawyer Gets His Jaguar Back

The media is having a lot of fun with this story and who can blame them? It’s not every week that a car stolen when a gallon of gas cost a quarter is returned to its rightful owner.

Per an item by Los Angeles AP writer Justin Pritchard, Miami Beach retiree Ivan Schneider thought at first that he was being pranked when west coast law enforcement officials contacted him to say they’d tracked down his beloved 1967 XK-E white convertible Jaguar, stolen from the Upper East Side in the spring of 1968:

“After we convinced him, he was excited,” said California Highway Patrol investigator Michael Maleta.

After all, Schneider told The Associated Press, he would think of the 1967 car every time he bought a new one. And, he said, he is a car guy who has owned quite a few exotics.

For the months he owned it, he was in love. “I’ve always said that was the prettiest,” Schneider, now 82, said.

The Jaguar was the first of a number of luxury car purchased by Schneider, then a hotshot 35-year-old attorney. Once it’s restored from the MIA wear and tear, he says he plans to use it as a Sunday car.