Justin Kan Launches Whale Video Q&A App

The app allows users to send questions to influencers and experts and receive video responses.

Twitch creator Justin Kan launched a video question-and-answer application called Whale. The app allows users to send questions to influencers and experts and receive video responses.

Users can sign up for Whale using a Twitter account, and they can flag categories they’re interested in, such as music, sports and tech. From there, users can browse previously answered questions and video responses, and they can also send their own questions to influencers and experts. Users can also follow others within the app.

Whale Screenshots

With the Whale app, influencers, experts and other approved users have the option to monetize their answers. For instance, one influencer may charge a user $1 to ask them a question, but the app will only charge the user if the influencer answers their question within 48 hours.

Once a question has been asked and answered, other users can spend coins, the app’s currency, to unlock and view the video response to the question. Each time a video response is unlocked, both the user who asked the question and the expert will receive money.

Users receive a few coins for free when they sign up for Whale, and they can purchase additional Whale Coins via in-app purchase.

In a post on Product Hunt, Kan explained the inspiration behind Whale:

The point of Whale is to solve my own problems with video Q&A. I’ve been giving entrepreneurship/startup/life advice on Snapchat for the past year as a way to give back to the community (and also pass the time while doing cardio on my exercise bike). I love answering questions with video—it can be way easier than writing out a response. But there have been a few problems with the Snapchat format: I get the same questions over and over, there’s no library of answers and often times people miss the window to ask me something and their message gets lost in the flood.

At the same time, I’ve also noticed through Twitch and observing other platforms that video influencers want more ways they can make money directly from their fans and community. We think Q&A might be a good way: Almost every type of influencer gets lots of questions from their fan base.

The Whale app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.