Tribune Publishing CEO Receives Hefty Moving Allowance

Six generous figures.

TribunePublishingLogoAccording to a May 26 SEC filing dug up by Politico Media deputy editor Alex Weprin, there is a parachute-like element included in the moving-expenses package granted to Tribune Publishing CEO Justin Dearborn. Not to mention some very generous coverage of Chicago-to-L.A. overhead:

The Company will pay Mr. Dearborn $262,000 for relocation expenses. In addition, the Company will provide Mr. Dearborn with temporary housing and a rental car for up to four months. The Company also will provide a $75,000 return-home allowance for expenses for relocating back to Chicago if Mr. Dearborn’s employment is terminated on or prior to February 21, 2018 by the Company without cause or by Mr. Dearborn for good reason.

In Dearborn’s West Coast destination, one of the media observers geographically closest to the L.A. Times’ Spring Street headquarters is Los Angeles Downtown News executive editor Jon Regardie. His weekly publication’s offices are just up 1st Street. From Regardie’s latest piece:

I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones, but the real-life media power plays and twists of the last few weeks have taught me one thing: The battle to rule the Seven Kingdoms has got nothing on the war to control the Eight Media Groups of Tribune Publishing.

Via Twitter, Chris Krewson, editor of Philadelphia website Billy Penn, channeled an older TV reference, linking to the SEC filing we mention above with the words “As Tribune Turns.” Krewson no doubt would have loved such C-level executive expense calculations when he relocated a few years ago back to the east coast from L.A., where he was web editor for our sister publication The Hollywood Reporter.