Justin Bieber Tweets Phone Number . . . But It Isn’t His

I’d imagine a teen celebrity fond of pranks would think that posting a fake phone number on Twitter would be pretty hilarious. And I bet it was hilarious, initially. But a couple of Texans, Dilcie and Kent, are having trouble seeing the humor in it, as their phones have been ringing off the hook ever since.

When you are one of the most influential people on Twitter and have 19 million people who call themselves “Beliebers” following you, sending out a tweet saying “call me right now” is pretty much guaranteed to cause pandemonium. The tweet, with 9 digits and a question mark in place of the tenth digit, sent Beliebers scrambling to their phones and trying every possible combination to get in touch with their idol. (Shown below with numbers blanked out.)

Unfortunately for Dilcie and Kent, they have two of those numbers. And Kent does not want to change his number because he’s had it for twenty years (he may want to rethink that).

So what is a fitting punishment? Well, according the tortured Texans’ attorney, any or all of the following are on the table right now:

  • An apology from Justin
  • Concert tickets for Dilcie’s grandchildren
  • An endorsement for Kent’s “upcoming online project”
  • Cash

Will all of this hoopla teach the Bieber a lesson about the dangers of tomfoolery? Doubtful. He’s the first celebrity host kicking of the new season of Punk’d, where celebrities pull elaborate pranks on other famous people. And April Fool’s Day is rumored to be his favorite holiday. So it looks like we’ll be seeing more hijinks soon, either way.

(Justin Bieber photo from Shutterstock)

@MaryCLong maryclong@digitalmediaghost.com Mary C. Long is Chief Ghost at Digital Media Ghost. She writes about everything online and is published widely, with a focus on privacy concerns, specifically social sabotage.