Justin Bieber Tweets Charitable Birthday Plans, Raises $30,000 in Two Days

If you’ve ever doubted the power of influence that Justin Bieber has over people, doubt no more. This kind-hearted young crooner announced Monday on Twitter that he doesn’t want any gifts for his 17th birthday this year – instead, he asked his 7.7 million Twitter followers to donate $17 each to his Charity:Water campaign. And he’s gotten a torrential outpour of response.

Most 16-year-olds would be happy with $100 from their grandma on their 17th birthday. But Justin Bieber is in a whole different league. He has reached out to his Twitter followers and asked for their support for his MyCharity:Water campaign. Bieber tweeted the following message just 24 hours ago:

And the response has been staggering.

As of press time, Justin Bieber has raised $28,952 for Charity:Water. That number blows away Bieber’s goal of $17,000 (fitting for his 17th birthday), and it was all raised in a little over 24 hours.

Bieber’s tweet asking for donations might just be the single most valuable tweet on Twitter right now.

It actually is pretty amazing how many young people and their parents have donated to Bieber. You can browse all the comments that those who have donated – all 12,30 of them – left for Bieber. Most of them are from well-wishers who just want to say “Happy Birthday” to their favorite singer, but there are quite a lot from parents of children who love Bieber as well.

Bieber has staggering social media clout as the number 2 Twitter user in terms of followers. Bieber also has the 13th most-popular Facebook page, the second-most-viewed YouTube channel, and is growing faster than anyone on social media, according to FameCount.