Justin Bieber to Appear on the Cover of Vanity Fair

OMG and IDK and LOL and all of that. Just thought we’d get that out of the way since we’re about to talk about Justin Bieber. According to Fashionista, the pop star is going to grace the cover of Vanity Fair in either February or March of 2011. As the post notes, it won’t be the first time the Condé Nast publication has placed a teenager on its cover, but this might be the first time 12 year-old girls buy a copy.

Of course now the debate is over what Bieber will look like on the cover. Will it be something scandalous, like the Miley Cyrus pictures? Or something classy, making Bieber look more like an adult? No matter what the cover looks like, FishbowlNY is hoping that the dolphin in this picture can be worked into the shoot somehow. Word on the street is that the dolphin has a pretty busy schedule though. Yes, we have sources giving us the scoop on dolphins, we’re called FishbowlNY.

Any of you that are right now thinking, “But dolphins are mammals!” congrats on finding a fault in our post that mentions how dolphins not only have schedules but also people who follow them around and tip off the media about their whereabouts.