Justin Bieber Ranks Second In Page Engagement

Justin Bieber takes two large steps forward in our engagement rankings this week, but falls just short of the number one contender, Jesus Daily.

Justin Bieber takes two large steps forward in our engagement rankings this week, but falls just short of the number one contender, Jesus Daily. Read on for more.

1. Jesus Daily7,592,0722,716,671
2. Justin Bieber33,497,3071,247,852
3. Mario Teguh4,461,7501,135,732
4. The Bible7,925,0371,005,003
5. Terima Kasih Ibu2,696,826537,581
6. Lady Gaga41,281,907480,221
7. Manchester United17,361,660477,988
8. Rihanna41,400,562420,509
9. Real Madrid C.F.17,239,489405,484
10. Werevertumorro2,372,252404,639
11. Jesus Christ2,820,135396,067
12. Dios Es Bueno!4,009,142391,936
13. MTV Roadies2,446,478375,994
14. Quedate Otro Ratito2,687,572375,866
15. Texas Hold’em Poker47,362,791342,582
16. FC Barcelona18,169,059330,941
17. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud6,035,316308,521
18. Mehmetcik2,384,650302,655
19. We are Khaled Said1,518,244297,217
20. Britney Spears13,031,035294,823


Some 2,716,671 participants in the chats on Jesus Daily give the page another first place victory. Following an impressive showing last week, The Bible loses momentum as it slips to fourth totaling 1,005,003 interactions. Jesus Christ takes one step forward to kick off the second half of our countdown with a thank you owed to 396,067 likers.

Also on the back half, Dios Es Bueno takes a noteworthy seven spot leap forward by adding up 391,936 posters. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud holds on in 17th with a 308,521 finish.


Crazed Justin Bieber fans are consistently poised and ready to quickly add responses to the pop star’s updates, and this week’s 1,247,852 interactions push Bieber into second place. Lady Gaga is beginning to rack up quite a number of television appearance while promoting her latest release, and Facebook is the place her “little monsters” can discuss all the latest happenings. Hanging around in sixth place once more, the singer sees a 480,221 comment total.

Exclusive pictures and video clips have Rihanna‘s fans buzzing, and 420,509 comments plus likes help her land a successful return to the eighth position. The announcement of South American tour dates prompts a noisy seven days for Britney Spears, and a 294,823 finish lands the superstar in the 20th position as an engaging page.


Calling third place home for another Monday, 1,135,732 talkative fans aid in Mario Teguh‘s strong finish. In Malaysia, Terima Kasih Ibu returns to slide into fifth place with a 537,581 interaction total. Talks surrounding new shows help comedic page Werevertumorro cut our countdown in half as it finishes with 404,639 responses.

Another returning page, Quedate Otro Ratito, tallies a 375,866 comeback total good enough for 14th place. In Turkey, political discussions continue amongst social networkers on Mehmetcik; the page ends the week in 18th with 302,655 contributors adding to the conversation. In Egypt, We are Khaled Said takes a hard drop to 19th, collecting a decreasing total of 297,217 posts.


The recent match between Manchester United and FC Barcelona led to sizzling conversations between Facebook fans of both teams, and it is Manchester who is the victor on the field and in engaging content on the social network. The team advances to seventh with a 477,988 sports talk total. The competition does sparks a return for FC Barcelona though, and 330,941 voices are a part of the conversation – a 16th place finish.

Up ahead in the ninth position, Real Madrid C.F. is stuck playing defense as it loses its ground by two spots; the team completes the week with a 405,484 interaction total. For the card players out there, Zynga’s engaging presence on their Texas Hold’em Poker social networking home includes contests and free giveaways; 342,582 talkers take the page to the 15th spot.


We close with “MTV Roadies” which lands in 13th place this week; the reality series in India accrues 375,994 interactions.

Readers, did you find yourself partaking in any of the conversations on this week’s engaging pages?

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