HollywoodLife.com Makes Up Justin Bieber Story*

It apparently wasn’t enough for HollywoodLife.com to pass on a bogus MSN.com story yesterday about Justin Bieber spending lots of time at the Playboy Mansion (and get called on it about five hours later). Today, the Penske Media outlet plows forward with EXCLUSIVE details about some of the reasons why this 17-year-old loves to hang in Holmby Hills.

But according to GossipCop.com, this slant is about as real as most Playmate bosoms. The celebrity media watchdog restates today that a rep for the singer confirmed Bieber has never been to the Playboy Mansion.

The only thing funnier than the fact that there are two bylined reporters (Russ Weakland, William Earl) for the December 20 HollywoodLife.com item is this part of the quote from an anonymous source: “Also, when he [Bieber] is there, it’s one of the few times that he really feels like a celebrity, so it is a major ego-booster.”

Really? Are we talking about the same Justin Bieber who gets mobbed and paparazzi-ed everyhere he goes? Seriously, if Bonnie Fuller tag teams are going to make stuff up, they at least need to put believable words in a fictitious source’s mouth.

[Photo: Rena Schild/Shutterstock.com]

*Update – 12/21/11: A representative for HollywoodLife.com emailed the following statement:  “HollywoodLife.com has an excellent source and are standing by their story that Justin Bieber has hung out with friends at the Playboy mansion.”