Justin Bieber Has Facebook's 2nd Most Engaging Page

Jesus Daily continues to hold its title as most engaging page, but Justin Bieber's fans are making moves to become a leading competitor.

Jesus Daily continues to hold its title as most engaging page, but Justin Bieber’s fans are making his page a leading competitor. Other musical stars place prominently on our list, along with sports teams amid their off season.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily6,029,2251,632,131
2. Justin Bieber30,140,8091,023,869
3. The Bible7,671,321909,359
4. Lady Gaga38,768,408890,318
5. Mario Teguh4,266,361544,170
6. Necip Fazil Kisakurek1,163,884524,966
7. Britney Spears11,961,122463,187
8. WEREVERTUMORRO2,107,406448,692
9. Dios Es Bueno!3,852,691445,819
10. MTV Roadies 1,994,518394,060
11. Rafael Nadal7,168,485385,375
12. Educate Yourself1,451,047385,030
13. Beyonce24,379,101353,509
14. Jesus Christ2,729,064352,960
15. Harry Potter26,828,496350,054
16. ILoveAllah.com5,972,449344,120
17. Selena Gomez21,792,886326,687
18. Manchester United16,016,104323,663
19. We are Khaled Said1,433,025320,352
20. eN KapAK NiCkLEr1,205,235315,569


Jesus Daily makes engagement look easy yet again, as 1,632,131 interactions from its now over six million fans earns it a top spot as the most engaging page on the social network. The Bible gets tossed to third this time around with 1,023,869 commenters. Also on the front of our list, 445,819 likers propel Dios Es Bueno back into the ninth position.

On the back end, the 352,960 posts found on the Facebook page for Jesus Christ lands it in the 14th spot. ILoveAllah.com returns to our list, coming in 16th; 344,120 interactions were tallied.


The latest video from Chris Brown featuring teen sensation Justin Bieber has the masses conversing on Facebook. This week’s 1,023,869 contributions over on Bieber’s page finally breaks up the seemingly unstoppable religious page duo. Lady Gaga‘s 890,318 chatty fans help to move the singer’s social networking home forward to fourth place.

Britney Spears is continuing to promote her new comeback record, and the response to her social media efforts appears promising. The 463,187 interaction total earns her a seventh place finish. Social Networkers are also buzzing about the release of Beyonce‘s new record, and 353,509 comments places the page in 13th.

Selena Gomez takes a big slip, but 326,687 posters help the page still rest comfortably on our list as it comes in 17th.


Mario Teguh cuts the top half of our countdown in half with a thank you owed to 544,170 talkative fans.

In Turkey, Necip Fazil Kisakurek holds steady with another 524,966 partakers engaged in conversation. Returning to round out our list this week, En Kapak Nickler reappears seeing 315,569 interactions.

Werevertumorro bounces back on our countdown as it has 448,692 voices joining the mix. Four spots behind in 12th, a 385,030 finish sets the stage for Educate Yourself‘s comeback. We are Khaled Said continues to find a home on our list is its content saw 320,352 responses – a 19th place finish.


“MTV Roadies” takes a tumble to tenth, but ends up with a impressive 394,060 chattering viewers turning towards to Facebook to discuss the reality series. Harry Potter takes an unexpected spill as it falls to the 15th spot; the page completes the week with 350,054 interactions.


With the hockey and basketball seasons now over, the sports fans seem to have quieted down. On the tennis court though, 385,375 people are speaking loud enough to land Rafael Nadal in 11th place. On the European football field, Manchester United fans are still buzzing as the page lingers in the 18th with its content engrossing 323,663 sports lovers.

Readers, did you find yourselves in any lively discussions on this week’s top 20?

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