Justin Bieber Cuts Hair, Loses 80,000 Twitter Followers

See the image to the right? Well, flippy Bieber bang-lovers, brace yourselves: Justin has cut his hair! And not only did this result in a loss of several inches from the top of his head, but apparently 80,000 Twitter followers as well.

Ahh, the flighty emotions of young tweeting “Beliebers”. Apparently, 80,000 of them didn’t believe in Justin’s new haircut. And they showed their disapproval by unfollowing the young Canadian pop star, who is currently the second-most-followed person on Twitter (despite the loss).

As the Daily Telegraph reports, shortly after debuting his new ‘do and his charitable aspirations for the cut hair on Ellen, Bieber lost 80,000 followers on Twitter. Ouch.

This number might be a little high, however, as Twitter stats counter website Twitter Counter shows Bieber still gaining fans every day. However, his pre-haircut rate of growth was about 34,000 new followers per day, while his post-haircut growth rate appears to be just 8,000. So we can assume that about 26,000 followers made the exodus this week according to these stats.

However many fans he lost, you can be sure that it’s just a temporary dip. Bieber fever is alive and well on Twitter. The young singer is in second place for the most follows with over 7,500,000. He is behind only Lady Gaga who boasts nearly 8,500,000 followers and crossed the 8,000,000 milestone in the early days of February.