Justin Bieber Challenges Jesus Daily For Most Engaging

The popularity of religious pages has lost some ground this week, while a certain pop star has moved closer to the to the top spot on our ranking of engagement.

The popularity of religious pages has lost some ground this week, while a certain pop star has moved closer to the to the top spot on our ranking of engagement.

1. Jesus Daily5,336,7251,738,155
2. Justin Bieber27,538,0231,165,147
3. The Bible7,132,1451,096,263
4. Manchester United14,070,4071,018,771
5. Mario Teguh4,042,470860,829
6. Lady Gaga34,737,127775,896
7. FC Barcelona14,981,412568,703
8. Necip Fazil Kisakurek1,014,819539,712
9. Jesus Christ2,500,949509,425
10. Harry Potter23,874,795464,320
11. Kemal Kilicdaroglu1,240,443442,130
12. Educate Yourself1,199,241424,618
13. Dios Es Bueno!3,543,471372,617
14. Leo Messi14,113,075370,923
15. MTV Roadies1,443,054358,527
16. We are Khaled Said1,291,682343,274
17. Mehmetcik1,970,299328,905
18. NBA8,745,042320,020
19. Müzik Keyfi1,417,240318,183
20. Werevertumorro1,882,595294,395


Jesus Daily has spent most of the month resting comfortably in the top spot, and with 1,738,155 interactions the popular hangout on Facebook will finish May there as well. The Bible gets knocked back a spot; the text lands in third as it sparked 1,096,263 comments. Also within the top ten, you will find the page dedicated to Jesus Christ finishing in ninth this week thanks to 509,425 talkative fans.

God is Good, or Dios Es Bueno in Spanish, lands in the 13th position with an interaction total of 372,617.


Covering all sorts of random topics in his updates throughout the past seven days, an abundance of fan responses helped Justin Bieber put up quite the competition. The page had a notable week as it lands just short of first with 1,165,147 thoughts added to the discussion.

It was presumed that the release of her new album for under a dollar on Amazon last week would have the masses buzzing over at Lady Gaga‘s social networking home. The pop superstar does take a surprising fall this week though landing in sixth with 775,896 interactions tallied.


The competition was sizzling overseas on the football field. While Manchester United may have lost the championship, they did manage to outrank competitor Barcelona as a more engaging page. The team moves forward to fourth this week as 1,018,771 diehard fans cheered on Manchester.

FC Barcelona took home the championship – as well as the seventh position on our countdown; 568,703 likers added to the conversation. Star forward Leo Messi page skyrocketed over the past seven days; 370,923 talkative sports fans helped propel the FC Barcelona player into the 14th position.

With the two teams heading to the championship were finally decided last week, NBA‘s social networking hub is a busy place filled with trash talk and championship banter as 320,020 interactions helps the page stay in the 18th spot for another week.


Mario Teguh successfully finishes the month in the top ten; the Indonesian motivational speaker splits the first half of our countdown as the content posted has sparked 860,829 responses. Educate Yourself takes a step back to 12th with 424,618 posts added to the page. We are Khaled Said nabs the 16th spot with a seven day interaction total of 343,274. Werevertumorro takes a big fall as the comedic page rounds out our list with 294,395 comments.

In Turkey, Necip Fazil Kisakurek comes in eighth with 539,712 thoughts added to the discussion. Politician Kemal Kilicdaroglu finds his way back to our countdown with 442,130 engaged fans moving the page into the 11th position. Mehmetcik also returns this week to the 17th spot with an additional 328,905 voices partaking in the discussions. Müzik Keyfi slips six spots; the page hangs in 18th with 318,183 interactions.

Movies And Television

Excitement is building for the seventh Harry Potter film set to be released this summer. The upcoming blockbuster explodes in fan hype this week as it cuts our list in half with 464,320 excited posts added to the mix. Facebook continues to be the go-to place to discuss “MTV Roadies” as the show hangs on to 15th place this time around with 358,527 chattering fans.

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Readers, which pages have you engaged with the most this week?