Entertainment Media Gang Tackle Justin Bieber Over Anne Frank House Guest Book Comments

TMZ has always had the best weekend PR pipeline into folks like Justin Bieber. Sure enough, the website has an update this morning at the bottom of a snarky take on the Anne Frank could-have-been-a-Belieber furor. It reads:

A source connected to Bieber contacted TMZ and said the Biebs spent a full hour in the museum learning about Anne Frank. One of the things he learned was that she was really into the pop culture of the time. The source says that is why he wrote his “Belieber” comment.

This is very true. This morning for example, New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick reminded via Twitter that Frank had a picture of Hollywood actress Deanna Durbin affixed on the attic wall.

Article comments around the world are sticking it to the Biebs, horrified that the pop superstar would have the audacity to prioritize his own world over Frank’s in guest book comments left at the Amsterdam shrine Friday. But the triggering Facebook post by the Anne Frank House about Bieber’s note reads very much like a positive rather than negative share. One that seems to be endorsing the pop culture view espoused by Bieber’s rep.

Someone pointed out to FishbowlLA in the reader comments for Alan Duke‘s CNN.com piece that any individual visiting the museum could have easily Instagram-shared Bieber’s remarks. True. But positive or negative, it’s up for debate whether a place like the Anne Frank House should be actively pushing out guest book comments written down by a major celebrity.

[Photo © Anne Frank House]

Editor’s note: Our thanks to CNN reporter Josh Levs for bringing Duke’s article to our attention via Twitter this morning and leading us down this fascinating Netherlands trail.

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