Justice Gone Wrong: Nikki Sixx Wins $1 Million


“I’m happy, not so much for
myself, but for all artists who are unfairly taken advantage of by major
corporations. I hope this encourages other performers to stand up to those
who would exploit them without securing the necessary rights.”

That’s from the statement released by Sixx today upon winning a million-dollar lawsuit against Vans, the manufacturer of flimsy footwear favored by the pre-teen skaters who hang out on my block and call me ‘Barton Fuckin’ Fink.’

The legal minutiae of the case is not so interesting, but essentially, Sixx was in photos taken at a Vans-sponsored skateboarding award ceremony which then turned up in print and point of sale advertising, along with a slogan (‘Live Fast, Die Young’) which bore a vague resemblance to a Motley Crue album title (‘Too Fast For Love’). Sixx was not the focal point of any of these photos. Does anyone in the Vans target demographic even know who Nikki Sixx is? Is his image worth $1 million?

By the way, Sixx’s own clothing line, N. Sixx by Dragonfly, includes T-shirts decorated with replicas of Sixx’s very own tattoos. Available at a Ross Dress For Less near you.