Just When You Thought It Was Over…

Tony-gate (Kornheiser, not Snow) rears it’s ugly head again in today’s WaPo.com chat with Paul Farhi:

    Bowie, Md.: Last week, Tony K. was his usual below average self on MnF. Most of his comments were basically unnecessary, if not irrelevant. In fact, the best comment last week was from Mike Torrico. During the game, Carmelo Anthony, a Denver NBA basketball player, was interviewed on the Denver Broncos sideline about his team’s upcoming preseason game against Turkey. After the interview, Torrico, not Kornheiser, remarked that Carmelo Anthony would have been funnier if he had said “we’re gonna beat some Turkeys tomorrow.” That was the funniest line last Monday night.

    Also, time and time again, people say Kornheiser would be so much better with Wilbon on MNF. NOT! These two guys have their own gig called PTI. MNF is a serious venue where a game is actually taking place, not a venue where sports blowhards can rant and rave about the latest sports news, so please, stop with the Wilbon shoutouts. Agree?

    Paul Farhi: Far be it for me to defend Tony on MNF, but I think the criticism of him (and yes the praise, too)is sort of irrelevant at this point. It’s the games that are carrying MNF this season (so far). Last night’s, with a 21-point comeback by the Bears, had to be one of the best in the 456-year history of that franchise…

    New York, N.Y.: I’m here to defend Tony K. No, he isn’t dazzling or wowing everyone. Good, because that’s what the football is for. I like that he’s low- key and doesn’t feel he needs to put on a show or say outrageous crap just to get attention.

    And most importantly, he KNOWS FOOTBALL. He’s a sports writer with a great sense of humor and sharp wit. Not a hack comedian who follows the NFL.

    Paul Farhi: Well, I’m not really sure even Tony would agree with your comments about his knowledge of football. What he does offer is his wit, his humor, sharp opinions and a colorful personality. I just wish he’d offer more of those things on MNF.