Here’s The Skinny On All Those ‘Just Unfollow’ Tweets And DMs On Twitter

Have you noticed a bunch of direct messages and tweets lately telling you folks are managing their Twitter followers using something called ‘Just Unfollow’?

We’ve noticed it as well and took some time to check it out.

If you’ve been thinking of using it, we’ll tell you what’s what. And if you’re already using it, read this before you needlessly annoy the crap out of potential followers.

Just Unfollow has developed quite a name for itself on Twitter lately – partly because it offers features users typically want:

And mostly because they’re really smart about how they offer these features: After you sign up and start using it, you’ll find that you quickly reach your “free account limit.” At that point, you can either send a tweet promoting Just Unfollow to receive more free access or you can upgrade to a paid account:

You’ll also see that some features aren’t available until you send a tweet promoting the service. It’s a smart trade-off, they’re getting TONS of publicity on Twitter:

But although it’s a smart way to promote, the practice is so effective, it’s coming across a bit spammy. But that’s the users’ fault really – and an important point in this post: If you check out the tool and like what it offers, shell out the money for it and stop torturing the rest of us with your spammy tweets. It’s not THEIR fault as they’re trying to get paid for this tool they created – it’s YOUR fault, users – for being cheap.

How much does it cost? Here you go:



So check it out and if you set it to automatically tweet promotional messages for you, we’ll all know you either don’t understand how to interact on Twitter or you’re just inconsiderate and value people’s time as worth less than $9.99 per month.

(Image from Shutterstock)