Just the Daniel Libeskind Pick-Me-Up We Needed

We were exhausted yesterday and we’re exhausted today. Why? Because this writer, for some reason, thinks he can serve the functions of being a director, a producer, and a production assistant, all at once, on a series of spots he’s shooting. But when he got home late last night, ready to drop, he found the new issue of The New Yorker waiting for him, and he read this great write-up about Daniel Libeskind’s much talked about new Denver Art Museum, the follow-up to his disastrous time being the designer for the new World Trade Center. And so, in reading it, we thought, “Well, we may be tired for the next few days, but at least we don’t have to build not only an art museum, but also an entire city block (which Libeskind has wound up doing).” Puts things into perspective. Here’s a bit from the start about his World Trade debacle:

When he won the competition to design a master plan for the reconstruction of the site of the World Trade Center, in 2003, he cloaked his familiar angular shapes in patriotic rhetoric. But, as reconstruction has moved forward, his plan has been compromised almost out of existence, and his continued attempts to claim ownership of the project have sometimes made him a figure of fun in the press. All the buildings at Ground Zero have been assigned to other architects, and very few of Libeskind’s ideas will be visible.