Just Like Nightline, But Different

The launch of Al Jazeera International (AJI) is beginning to take on a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” feel. After missing its launch date, the network refuses to set another. The network claims it will be available in 40 million homes worldwide, but still hasn’t found a cable or satellite operator to host it in the U.S.

AJI commercial director Lindsey Oliver told the AP’s David Bauder she won’t give a new target date, but would only state “we’ll launch when we’re ready.” Limited channel capacity in the U.S. makes it hard to establish a new network, and gives systems a built in excuse for not carrying AJI.

AJI operators are still pressing forward with plans to create the worldwide news operation. Former Nightline correspondent Dave Marash will anchor the four-hour Washington portion of the broadcast and told Bauder that he wants to do the kind of reporting he did with Ted Koppel.

Four hours a day on the air? Marash may give Wolf a run for his money, providing Marash ever makes it on air. More on TVNewser

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