Just in Time for the Holidays, Social Gift-Giving WebGiftr Launches

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with so many birthdays, anniversaries and other important events of your friends, family and business contacts, new social gift giving site Webgiftr might just be able to help you out. Webgiftr an independent social site aims to help you out in remembering dates and special events and will assist you in having a fun giftgiving experience, rather than an annoying one.

Essentially, Webgiftr provides you with the tools in identifying specific consumer products which are perfect for your gift giving activities. If you like the suggested gifts and think that it fits the person you are giving the gifts to, Webgiftr extends its services further by suggesting retailers where you can get the gifts.

Webgiftr will also remind you of importang gifting events so that you can plan ahead and even asked the Webgiftr community for suggestions, tips, and essential information to make your gifting activity a successful and fun experience. If you’re treating a family to dinner or lunch, Webgiftr would even facilitate the reservation for you.

And most importantly, Webgiftr is also a social community composed of various users who partake of Webgiftr’s tools and applications for organizing and promoting events. And to solicit community participation Webgiftr also also the creation of discussion groups revolving around a particular event.

Webgiftr is a great tool for those who are too busy to plan their gifting tasks, especially as the Holiday seasons usher in. It’s not that the type of gifts are important when giving someone a gift but it’s always good to know that the person you are gifting would like your gift.

So, the key to a successful gifting activity is of course planning ahead and not rushing into the tasks. Webgiftr just might help us out on this one.

Webgiftr also has a Facebook application and you can launch the application in your Facebook account here.