Just in Time for Summer, Coolhaus Comes to New York

If you haven’t heard, seen or tasted, know that the streets of New York are now much more friendly, inviting and architecturally-saavy these days, thanks to the very-welcomed arrival of Coolhaus, the world’s only architecture-themed ice cream truck company. Long a favorite of the Los Angeles set, the company branched out into Austin, TX last year and has now finally made their trek to the other coast, bringing with them their all-natural, handmade ice cream and creations like the Mies Vanilla Rohe (Vanilla ice cream + Chocolate Chip Cookie) and the Frank Berry (Strawberry ice cream + Snickerdoodle cookie). After a slight delay (their blog originally stated they’d be running on the week of April 15th), Coolhaus started roaming the streets of New York last week. So keep an eye out and keep checking their Twitter feed for hints on where they’ll show up next. And for those back in the original home of the company, they’ve announced that their long-awaited Los Angeles storefront, will hopefully be opening this July. Here’s a great profile of the Coolhaus ladies, as shot and interviewed by our former co-editor, and foremost iced-treat aficionado, Alissa Walker:

Would now be a good time to mention Chicago’s burgeoning gourmet food truck scene? It gets warm here too. And we like ice cream also. Promise.