Just Hearing Joel Silver Talk Design Was Enough for Us


A nice bit of something we all enjoy, this time by way, once again, of 30gms. It’s the Top Five Movie Posters of 2006. Therein, besides some nice hi-res files to gaze upon, there’s also some info about the poster’s creation. We don’t necessarily agree with all of the selections, like with The Good German one (when is an outright copy clever?), but the writer was smart enough to include several additions, of which many are quite notable (except, and remember that this is just opinion here, and really doesn’t have much to do with the poster itself other than it reminds him of the film, The Science of Sleep, which this writer, even though he loves Gondry all the same, still thinks was about as obnoxious a movie as they come). Here’s a little on the creation of the V for Vendetta poster:

Producer Joel Silver and art director Ron Michelson were sparked with this idea after perusing the Russian Boshevik-era posters at the Tate Gallery in London. “I wanted people to feel as if the posters came directly from the movie,” Silver said. “If we were actually going to mount a revolution here, what would the imagery look like?” So the axis is skewed, the color palette is stripped to shades of red, black and tan, and the credit block becomes a design element itself. If only all movie posters could stand on their own like so, and feel so closely connected to their film’s tone and content.