Just Bieber, “Harry Potter,” CNN, American Express and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Musicians, TV shows and movies made up the bulk of the Pages on our list of the top 20 growing by Likes this week. Facebook, YouTube, Cristiano Ronaldo and American Express also made the list, although it’s interesting to note that most of the TV Pages were not associated with traditional broadcast networks. The Pages on our list grew from between 450,700 and 1.8 million Likes, we measure the growth of Pages with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Likes Gain Gain,%
1. Justin Bieber 31,988,184 +1,803,199 +6%
2. How to Train Your Dragon 1,353,835 +1,126,759 +496%
3. Facebook 46,980,487 +692,171 +1%
4. Katy Perry 30,311,287 +682,518 +2%
5. Marvin Gaye 943,014 +655,998 +229%
6. YouTube 40,275,248 +635,789 +2%
7. Nessma 627,386 +627,386 +0.0%
8. Rihanna 39,067,440 +620,153 +2%
9. Shakira 35,394,144 +619,269 +2%
10. Eminem 41,876,931 +589,241 +1%
11. CNN 2,831,549 +563,428 +25%
12. American Express 1,627,304 +521,300 +47%
13. Lady Gaga 39,327,779 +514,141 +1%
14. Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye 498,317 +498,317 +0.0%
15. Lil Wayne 27,988,978 +489,421 +2%
16. AKON 26,601,911 +488,683 +2%
17. South Park 30,868,685 +487,823 +2%
18. Harry Potter 27,349,120 +475,857 +2%
19. The Simpsons 30,889,819 +472,186 +2%
20. Cristiano Ronaldo 29,815,223 +450,675 +2%

Justin Bieber’s Page grew by 1.8 million Likes this week, as he promoted his media appearances, and frequently updated his Page with his activities. Katy Perry was next with 682,500 Likes; she’s been promoting her new mobile app and her tour. Marvin Gaye’s Page grew by 656,000 Likes; it was probably a Page consolidation as in the span of two days the Page more than tripled. Rihanna’s Page grew by 620,200 Likes as she posted video and status updates, Shakira’s Page grew by 619,300 Likes and she also updated with videos and activity updates.

There was Eminem’s Page with 589,200 Likes; he’s been promoting the release of his new music video. Lady Gaga’s Page grew by 514,100 Likes and has been frequently updating her Page with information about her tour, media appearances, performances, promotion of gay marriage in New York and merchandise. Lil Wayne’s Page grew by 489,400 Likes by updating his Page, as did AKON’s Page.

There were television networks and TV shows on the list, too. Nessma, a Tunisian TV channel, grew by 627,400 Likes. CNN’s page grew by 563,400 Likes this week; it’s curious why either because the landing Page asks users to Like the Page, or because of a Page consolidation. Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye, a Turkish TV show, grew by 498,300 Likes. “South Park” grew by 487,800 Likes by promoting episodes and “The Simpsons” grew by 472,200 Likes by doing the same thing.

And finally, there are a few movies that made the list, including “How to Train Your Dragon” with 1.2 million Likes (a likely Page consolidation) and “ Harry Potter” with 475,900 Likes as the Page continues to promote the July premiere of the final film. Facebook’s Page grew by 692,200 Likes and YouTube’s by 635,800 Likes. American Express’ Page grew by 521,300 Likes; the company recently launched a Foursquare integration nationally. Lastly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page grew by 450,700 Likes.