Just because we asked…

We asked, “If your house was on fire and you had five minutes to run in and grab whatever you could, what would you save?”

We were flooded with answers. Most of you went for loved ones and pets. We find it amusing that you apparently think FBDC is dead inside and that we wouldn’t assume you would go there first. But then again, some of you didn’t. We don’t judge. Well, we barely judge.

  • “1) My precious five year old daughter. 2) Her favorite stuffed animal(s). 3) Her baby pix. 4) Her fish. 5) Her pillow. That’s the first five minutes: if I had another minute, I might get her mother, too.”

  • “Husband, cats, jewelry, wine collection, wedding album & DVD, file of important papers. That would probably take about 5 minutes.”

  • “Laptop. No question.”

  • “My copy of Time”

  • “My pets.”

  • “My gigantic paper-money cash pile that’s in the middle of the livingroom. The gold bullion in the basement should withstand the flames.”

  • “Assuming I didn’t have to run in and grab my wife, any of my children or my dog, I’d get what photos I could, and my Computers/Hard Drives.”

  • “My dog. Everything else can be replaced.”

  • “The ganj.”

  • “My box of porno VHS tapes.”

  • “my computer, photo albums”

  • “My wife, children and dogs. Then my laptop.”

  • “All living creatures. A photo my father gave me and then other photos and as many of my books as I could get out.”

  • “4 years ago, i ran in and saved my framed darrell green jersey. hail to the redskins.”

  • “I’ll just make something silly up — my DVDs with all five seasons of Alias.”

  • “My dead dog’s ashes, located in a box on the fireplace mantel.”

  • “Laptop, Passport, Wii, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail”

  • “my purse and cell phone and some contacts so I could see while I escaped. — three specific paintings on the wall. — my flatscreen that i just bought yesterday. — a change of clothes and some clean underwear cause I’ll be on someones couch, but more specific, my forty jackets and blazers. — three specific pictures of my parents.”

  • “family photos”

  • “I would grab the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. Duh”

  • “I am a turtle. If my house was on fire, I would be soup
    Aside from family and dog – photos, computers, and important papers”

  • “my boyfriend.”

  • “people and pets first. Then the irreplaceables: photos, home movies, heirlooms, jewelry”

  • “The firehose.”

  • “My Greyhound, boyfriend, laptop, and the cache of gold bullion.”

  • “photos, artwork my mom made, birth certs, insurance papers, indian baskets, my husbands ww11 collection, my laptop.”