Just Another Manic Monday, with count ’em one, two, three debuts

Yesterday was a big day for the news with the launch of three new shows: Rita Cosby: Live & Direct on MSNBC, The Situation Room on CNN, and a new-and-improved The Situation With Tucker Carlson, switching timeslots on MSNBC to late-night circa 11pm. According to TVNewser, Rita Cosby had a slam-dunk first show featuring two Michael Jackson jurors who now wish they’d convicted (NB that isn’t how it works, kids – you’re sequestered for a reason) plus commentary on ratingsgoldmine Natalee Holloway (a favorite subject of Greta van Susteren but also fellow MSNBCer Joe Scarborough). Wonders TVNewser: “Is it too early to predict that “Rita Cosby: Live & Direct” will become MSNBC’s primetime savior?”

Meanwhile Tucker Carlson featured an updated version of “The Situation” with new features “Voice Mail” and “Tomorrow’s News Today,” not to mention fervent hopes to reap the benefits of “a much drunker audience” (that isn’t watching Jon Stewart or Bill O’Reilly)(Anyone see it? I’m on the road).

Finally, today was the the debut of CNN’s heralded “The Situation With Wolf Blitzer” which replaces “Inside Politics” and the defunct-for-a-while “Crossfire.” FishbowlDC goes inside for an exclusive first look and reports that it’s “the most technically complicated daily show ever produced” according to CNN Washington Bureau Chief David Bohrman , featuring two control rooms – one to run the show, and the other to run the giant screens behind Blitzer and co. filled with graphics that will change as the news comes in.