Just a Friendly Question On This Week’s List of Growing Facebook Apps by Daily Active Users

Growth among the top five apps is way down this week on our AppData list of Facebook’s fastest-gaining games by new daily active users. Most noticeably, Slide Funspace, which last week appeared to have gained almost three million DAU, has dropped off as a result of new users deciding not to return. Slide, though, appears to be continuing its new growth trend overall.

Overall, there are few apps on this list that were also present last week, indicating that even more of the DAU growth than usual is illusory. There is a trend to be seen this week, though. See if you can find it below:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Café World9,562,640+644,618+6.74
2.icon Friends Exposed1,888,971+449,574+23.80
3.icon Country Life2,566,073+342,966+13.37
4.icon Happy Island3,170,742+342,335+10.80
5.icon Friend Quiz1,256,242+307,052+24.44
6.icon Social Interview921,908+305,065+33.09
7.icon MindJolt Games3,137,642+284,509+9.07
8.icon Facebook for iPhone14,043,986+234,671+1.67
9.icon Static FBML1,829,003+213,408+11.67
10.icon Daily Photo622,774+193,221+31.03
11.icon Mafia Wars6,436,360+179,084+2.78
12.icon Friend FAQ707,605+163,909+23.16
13.icon 開心水族箱1,576,168+163,073+10.35
14.icon FarmVille29,716,810+147,845+0.50
15.icon Farm Town2,677,757+143,223+5.35
16.icon Bejeweled Blitz2,898,290+138,633+4.78
17.icon How Fast Are You?! PROVE IT154,994+134,895+87.03
18.icon Birthday Cards2,084,783+122,374+5.87
19.icon Ninja Saga699,050+122,342+17.50
20.icon My Top Fans291,967+121,908+41.75

You might not spot it unless you know the purpose of these four apps: Friends Exposed, Friend Quiz, Social Interview and Friend FAQ. All four have a theme in common, which is to either ask you or your friends questions about each other, which are then posted to the respective person’s wall.

Quiz apps are nothing new; these are just an extra-viral twist. Many of their questions are badly written and/or inane. All the evidence suggests that the main aim of the apps is, in fact, just to pick up users as quickly as possible without providing any long-term value. So here’s the shocker: these apps are retaining users pretty well, averaging around 10 percent of monthly users as DAU.

Note that Social Interview deserves something of a pass on the above questions, as its quality is a bit higher; but of the three, it’s also the one with declining user numbers, sadly. Also note that although Friend Quiz and Friend FAQ are growing as separate applications, they appear to in fact be identical once you start using them.

The only other app worth a mention is Facebook for iPhone, which is continuing its gradual creep upward, as ever more of the world moves into Apple’s camp. Also, if you’d like to see our coverage on the games listed above (including number one, Café World), head over to Inside Social Games.