Junkets Pose No Problem For This Writer

George Smith, a Maine-based writer, is starting a new gig as a travel columnist.

He will be penning travel reviews for the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel as well as “all of the publications of the Maine Tourism Association” and his own blog.

“Problem:” the Sentinel requires disclosure whenever a writer receives something for free, which Smith intends to do often, apparently.

He writes (emphasis ours):

“This newspaper requires that we disclose the fact that the meal or trip was free.

That is unusual and not the general rule in many publications. So disclosure is a hit or miss thing in the travel writing business, mostly miss.

“My dilemma, which has not yet occurred, is what to do about a free meal or trip that is not up to our standards. So far, I’m thinking I just won’t write about it.”

See? No problem.