June ComScore/Hitwise Social Networking Numbers in for US, UK

The social networking audience numbers are in for June from ComScore and Hitwise, and here’s what’s happening:

– In the US, Facebook continues to gain ground on MySpace, though MySpace still has twice the reach. MySpace growth has stopped (reach actually slightly declined this month) as it has saturated the market and some users are slowly emigrating away. Including Google’s Blogger in this list puts it ahead of Facebook at #2, though Blogger is a different type of service.

(image source: VentureBeat)

– In the UK, Facebook has reached 45% market share of all social networking traffic according to Hitwise, followed by Bebo (recently acquired by AOL) and MySpace. Facebook’s increase in market share in the UK over the last year has largely come at the expense of Bebo and MySpace. (More specific numbers were not available from Hitwise)

(image source: Hitwise)


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