Jumptheshark.com jumps the shark

If you have your ears tuned to the right frequency, you can actually pick up the audible “POP” that occurs when an entertaining creative entity finally embraces cooption by the corporate monolith. Think of the moment the MySpace guys shook hands with the Dev– uh, Rupert Murdoch. Or Harvey and Co. joined forces with Michael Eisner. (All we can say is, Thank God for the stubborn idealism of Pearl Jam.)

Well, a few hours ago you probably picked up a minor disturbance in the Force when TV Guide announced its purchase of Jumptheshark.com, that wonderful ironic repository of all the misguided attempts to resuscitate a dying TV show.

From the press release (read the full release at FishbowlNY): “Gemstar-TV Guide will develop and promote Jump the Shark across its multiple media platforms.” Right. So look for the Todd Phillips-directed Jump the Shark movie, starring Johnny Knoxville, Amy Smart, and the delightful animated “Sharky,” voiced by Bob Hoskins.