JumpIt 2 leaps atop this week’s emerging games on Facebook

This week’s emerging Facebook games list was topped by the running platformer JumpIt 2: Dockyard Run, which brought in 20,000 monthly active users for a 29 percent gain.

THX Games’ Portugese-language triva game Triviador Brasil was also up by 20,000 MAU, a 100 percent traffic increase that let it take the No. 2 spot. Treagles’ Italian-language title Tressette took the No. 3 spot with 10,000 MAU for a 14 percent gain. Disney Playdom’s ESPN Return Man brought in 10,000 MAU for a 33 percent increase. Finally, the No. 5 spot went to PuzzleSocial’s Crosswords, which also took in 10,000 MAU but for a 100 percent gain.

Other traffic gains were relatively small this week. Only two titles took in 10,000 MAU for 50 percent gains: Wudya’s Turkish-language Muhtesem Binyil and Wedge Buter’s Wedge Buster Sports.

It’s also worth noting that a clone of Zynga’s Words With Friends showed up on this week’s list, under the title “WWF Play the Game,” so it’s unlikely the game will stick around long enough to appear on next week’s list.

1.  JumpIt 2: Dockyard Run90,000+20,000+ 29%
2.  Triviador Brasil40,000+20,000+ 100%
3.  Tressette80,000+10,000+ 14%
4.  ESPN Return Man40,000+10,000+ 33%
5.  Crosswords by PuzzleSocial20,000+10,000+ 100%
6.  Muhteşem Binyıl30,000+10,000+ 50%
7.  Wedge Buster Sports30,000+10,000+ 50%
8.  Galaksi Online II Türkçe: En İyi Bilim Kurgu Oyunu80,000+10,000+ 14%
9.  WWF Play the Game!40,000+10,000+ 33%
10.  Galaxy2 Philippines: Sci-Fi Game90,000+10,000+ 13%
11.  Halloween Pumpkins80,000+10,000+ 14%
12.  Bubble Spinner80,000+10,000+ 14%
13.  Adventure Slots70,000+10,000+ 17%
14.  Memory60,000+10,000+ 20%
15.  Super Texas Holdem Poker80,000+10,000+ 14%
16.  Fanta Serie A90,000+10,000+ 13%
17.  CBSSports.com Franchise Football60,000+10,000+ 20%
18.  Tekel Okey80,000+10,000+ 14%
19.  Chef Quest60,000+10,000+ 20%
20.  Dama Checkers40,000+10,000+ 33%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.