Jump in the Fishbowl

Following the fact that Aoife had to pull a Wemple, we’re looking for a new contributing editor to join me in writing the blog.

Would you be a good addition to FishbowlDC? Do you know folks who would be? Read the job description here and please pass this on to any and all interested parties.

The job pays, is part-time (i.e. as long as your boss doesn’t mind, you can do it without giving up your current job), and, if you’re in D.C., you will be richly rewarded with booze from the many open bars at media events in Washington (PLUS you can cover the oh-so-fun White House press briefings). If you’re not in D.C., that’s not a huge problem. You can stay home and post while we toast you at said events. Inside knowledge of the Washington media world is a plus, but not required. Ability to recognize Wolf Blitzer, Matthew Cooper, and Norah O’Donnell at thirty paces is a must (even if they’re dressed like this).

If you know of anyone who would be so inclined to join us in the Fishbowl, please contact me (patrick AT mediabistro DOT com).

In the meantime, MediaBistro colleagues (out of NYC) Dorian and Dylan may chip in and lend a hand from time to time.

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