Jump For Joy With Doug Jaeger And Viral Content

Nicky Digital - jumping in art museums
Nicky Digital

Doug Jaeger with TAXI told a story about a PR campaign for MoMa that cost almost nothing, got results, and used the power of Facebook and the blogosphere to great results. Read on to hear how he did it:

Art Jumping is a movement created by Allison Reimus of Jumping In Art Museums. People go to art museums and take pictures of themselves jumping in front of works of art.

Jaeger decided to get the art jumping movement involved. He took a picture of himself jumping in front of a work of art and sent it to Allison to get her to sign on to the idea of trying to get the largest group of art jumpers to jump at the MoMa.

He then wrote to a NY Post writer and invited him to the art jump—not to write about, not as a pitch, but he wrote about it. Here’s the piece he did in advance of the event.

The art jumpers who came out took pictures, which went on Facebook pages and on the Jumping In Art Museums blog–which was basically free PR because the participants naturally wanted to post about this kinda weird thing they did. And the photos were great handout art for the MoMa to use in traditional publications.

In all? “We had a really great night, we were ushered around by security guards and allowed to show our stomach hair,” he jokes.