Julian Meyers: Hollywood’s End Is Near

Longtime Hollywood publicist Julian Meyers believes the current writer’s strike is a sign of more bad things to come for the industry. In an interview with Variety magazine, Meyers states:

“The strike impasse is speeding the end of Hollywood filmmaking and television production,” says Myers, who has been working in the biz since 1939 and is still an IATSE member. “There are more union contracts coming up for renewal, and already unionists are crossing union lines. IATSE is urging its members to go right on through. Insults are being exchanged, faces will be bashed and fatalities are a possibility. Does a dying Hollywood need a civil war today to hasten its erosion?”

In other news, Meyers, who is approaching 90, likes to stay active, according to this press release from October announcing his participation in the World Senior Games.