Juleanna Glover to Fete French Author Elena Servettaz

RFI correspondent and author Elena Servettaz.

Juleanna Glover’s new job doesn’t seem to be putting a crimp in her social life. Just a week or so after a bash to celebrate her move from Ashcroft Group to Teneo Holdings, Glover is throwing another soiree, this time for a somewhat more high-minded cause.

Of course you all remember the Magnitsky Law? Well it seems…wait what? You’ve never heard of the Magnitsky Law? My word! Know ye nothing of Russo-American relations?! Actually, to be honest, we have no idea what the Magnitsky Law is either, but we are gunna find out! It seems a nice French lady, Elena Servettaz has written a book about it –Why Europe Needs a Magnitsky Law -and Juleanna is having a party to celebrate said book this Saturday. Presumably someone will tell us what it’s all about whilst munching crepes and hot pretzels and what not. We think it has something to do with the Russians being bad bad people, throwing journalists in jail and killing them and hating gay people (for the children!).

In any event, we will be sneaking in to the Glover mansion and taking pictures of famous people’s shoes and hopefully somebody awkwardly shoving a canape in his mouth. If we don’t get too drunk, we may even be able to report back on whether or not Europe does indeed need a Magnitsky Law. Stay tuned!