Juicy Couture Saw an 18% Site Traffic Lift From YouTube Partners

Data shows promise for an old video program that's getting a new twist

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Last week Google announced it had invited brands to become YouTube Partners—helping the Cokes and Doves of the world build outing their own robust content strategies.

Up until that point, if brands wanted in on the Partners program, they needed to partner with popular YouTube personalities by creating branded videos, while also pushing the spots with pre-roll and banner ads via their channels on the site.

Countless brands have taken part in that five-year-old effort, according to YouTube, including Procter & Gamble, Maybelline, Activision, Dodge and Juicy Couture. Providing a peek into a successful run on the platform, Juicy Couture turned over exclusive data to VideoWatch from some of its work with YouTube Partners.

"The program allows [us] to create meaningful relationships with customers and drive sales through the use of video," said Michelle Ryan, vp of digital and social strategy for the Los Angeles-based women's clothier. "Ultimately, Juicy wants to be where our fans are most engaged, and the YouTube Partners program provides an organic platform to do so."

The midsized brand's "California Dreaming" effort entailed five spots that launched before Christmas and didn't quit getting significant views until recently—eventually besting 2.5 million impressions, according to the fashion seller. It employed the video talents of YouTube-based influencers Chriselle Lim, Derek Blasberg and others while targeting 18-to-44-year-olds interested in shopping and celebrities. Per Juicy Couture, the initiative's best six-week period contributed 18 percent of JuicyCouture.com's total traffic, while ads for the videos garnered a 20 percent click-through rate, and the clips garnered a 19 percent completion rate.

In light of those results, Ryan suggested that there's more video on her brand's horizon. "Past insights have uncovered that the Juicy Couture customers are highly digital and looking for new ways to engage with the brand," she said.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.