Judy In Living Color

Just in case you haven’t got your fill of Judy “Run Amok” Miller, she’ll be right here in Washington again tonight!

Judy will be joining Marvin Kalb for the Kalb Report at the National Press Club tonight at 8 p.m.

“I can’t wait. An opportunity to talk to Judy Miller, days after her controversial separation from The New York Times. Which other reporter knows more about the CIA leak story, the dangers of investigative reporting, the problems with dependence on certain government sources, and the joys and agony of working for a great newspaper? This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and the rest of us to watch, listen, and wonder,” Kalb says in the press release.

Somehow we think that the things we’re wondering about (cough, entanglements, cough), won’t really be covered tonight. Nevertheless free tickets are available.