Judging Obama and Hillary: Mac or PC?


Now that the Super Tuesday hubbub has died down a bit and we all know what happened (well, in writing this the night before, we don’t know at this moment, but our future selves will), we thought we’d throw you back to that wonderful era (i.e. Monday and Tuesday of this week) when there were fun, interesting articles like Noah Cohen‘s “Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?” It’s yet another take on that look at which candidate has a better “look.” But instead of checking out campaign posters or typography, this time it’s a piece largely about website design. It’s a great read, particularly because it includes some friends of ours, and we like it when newspapers do that. Here’s a bit:

Jason Santa Maria, creative director of Happy Cog Studios, which designs Web sites, detected a basic breach of netiquette. “Hillary’s text is all caps, like shouting,” he said. There are “many messages vying for attention,” he said, adding, “Candidates are building a brand and it should be consistent.”

But Emily Chang, the cofounder of Ideacodes, a Web designing and consulting firm, detected consistent messages, and summed them up: “His site is more youthful and hers more regal.”
Mr. Obama’s site is almost universally praised. Even Martin Avila, the general manager of the company responsible for the Republican Ron Paul‘s Web site, said simply, “Barack’s site is amazing.”