Judge: Times Must Give Up Anthrax Sources

ami_attacks.jpgHere we go again: another court case involving New York Times‘ confidential sources, this one regarding the paper’s 2001 columns on the anthrax mailings.

Via the New York Sun:

The New York Times is bracing for another high-profile First Amendment confrontation after a federal judge in Virginia upheld an order compelling the newspaper to divulge its confidential sources for columns about the 2001 anthrax mailings. The decision Tuesday by Judge Claude Hilton effectively places the Times in contempt of court, as attorneys for the newspaper have said it will not comply with any order to identify confidential sources.

Sayeth the Times:

The ruling is likely to make it more difficult for The Times to defend the lawsuit when the case goes to trial because a judge may instruct the jury to give less credibility to assertions that the columns had been based on legitimate and knowledgeable sources. Because it is a civil case rather than a criminal one, there is little chance of anyone from The Times facing the possibility of being jailed over contempt charges.

Why do we think Judy Miller is somehow involved?

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