Judge Throws Out Shaq Sex Tap Kidnapping Case

The Shaq sex tape drama may nearly be over. An LA County judge threw out charges against seven gang members who supposedly kidnapped a man in order to obtain an alleged video of Shaq cheating on his then-wife. Prosecutors in the case say they lost faith in the credibility of the man who claimed to be kidnapped, Robert Ross.

From the LA Times:

“[I]nternal LAPD records [indicate] that Ross was a registered informant who in 2010 was classified as “undesirable” after he gave false leads and boasted to associates that he had a “cop in his pocket.” On several occasions, when he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving or stopped for alleged traffic violations, Ross told officers he was working for the LAPD, according to an internal memo.

Two LAPD detectives who had dealt with Ross had been subpoenaed to testify for the defense in the preliminary hearing this week. The detectives were expected to counter Ross’ sworn testimony that he had never worked as an informant for any law enforcement agency.

Ross must be one shady dude. Because police do have evidence of repeated calls between each of the gang members and between Shaq’s then-business partner Mark Stevens in the time leading up to the supposed kidnapping.

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