Juan Williams to Pen Column For The Hill

Fox News’s Juan Williams will begin Monday writing a weekly political column for The Hill. Retired Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), will have an opposing column.

The Hill announced the news on the front page of its print edition today. Will be interesting to see if Williams is happier with the management of The Hill than he is with that of NPR, which fired him in October of last year.  Unlike NPR, columnists for The Hill are not under any obligation to follow orders as to what they write and what they say on television. We’ll see how that all plays out.

> Update: See the official press release and find out what other new features you’ll see in the publication’s new additional Monday issue…We’ve highlighted the main points so you don’t have to work too hard. There’s even a cheery plug from Williams for the new issue.

Coming Feb. 7 — a new weekly edition from The Hill

Featuring columnists Juan Williams and former Sen. Judd Gregg

WASHINGTON, DC – Monday February 7th, The Hill will start publishing a new weekly edition. There is a new tagline, too. We’re calling it The Hill — Start The Week because this paper will give readers the most important opinion, polls, news and politics affecting the upcoming congressional work week.

The Hill — Start The Week is unique. We’re bringing the concept of aggregation back from the Internet to print, and also taking it back to the web again. Readers will get The Hill’s award-winning, original content, and they’ll also get important aggregated content from other sources — polls, opinion, policy and other news in one place.

The new edition will come out every Monday when Congress is in session — which moves The Hill up to five papers a week — and gives Washington policymakers a head start on their work.

The most salient information all in one user-friendly publication.


In each issue, we’ll publish an original national poll on a hot political topic using data from a sample of 1,000 voters.

There’s more; we’ll aggregate the week’s important other polls, so readers have all the key opinion data in one place.


Joining The Hill every Monday are former Sen. Judd Gregg and Juan Williams. These columnists will provide incisive opinion on political events from different points on the ideological and partisan spectrum.

Right alongside these columns, we’re aggregating the best commentary of the week from other pundits.

“The Hill’s new weekly is a great concept and will really help political types get a jump on the week ahead,” said Williams.

Gregg added, “The Hill proved to be extremely helpful during my years on Capitol Hill. I am looking forward to another great publication from The Hill with the same level of journalistic innovation and integrity that The Hill has provided to Washington through the years.”


In addition, The Hill — Start The Week will contain aggregated Political, National and World news sections relevant to Capitol Hill. And there are six policy pages — Defense, Healthcare, Technology, Finance & Economy, Energy & Environment, and Transportation — each with an analytical look forward by our policy experts, plus policy-specific aggregated news.

“This is a lively, quick-read for a fast start to the week,” said The Hill’s Editor in Chief Hugo Gurdon, “but it will remain relevant through the week. My hope is that lawmakers, Hill staffers, people on K Street, and all our readers will find it compelling as well useful in giving them a broader perspective on the issues they’re interested in.”

The Hill comes out daily when Congress is in session, and runs 24/7 on the web. The Hill and thehill.com have together become the news source for and about Congress, breaking stories from Capitol Hill, K Street and the White House.